Looking for quick cash loans? Quick Online Loans could help.

We know how it is when it comes to finances. You think you’ve sorted out your money woes and there’s finally light at the end of that never-ending tunnel. Only to realise that there’s a train hurtling towards you needing quick cash loans to put the brakes on.

Whether it’s your car that’s broken down or you’ve lost your job, the fact is, financial problems can arise when you least expect them. The good news is that there is a light at the end of that tunnel. When it comes to finding quick cash loans, the light is on at Quick Online Loans.

Those of us who have tried our luck know that banks don’t make it easy for you to get hold of the money you need. Even if they finally approve your loan application, it will feel like you’ve been waiting for weeks to hear back from them.

By the time you finally receive your money, you’re in even deeper financial trouble. And, you’ll have a few extra grey hairs and worry lines to show for it, too.

What’s the point? Quick Online Loans provides cash-strapped Australians with a hassle-free alternative. We’re making it easier than ever before to get your hands on quick cash loans. No red tape. No stress.

You’re not alone

Think you’re the only Australian in need of quick cash loans? Think again. Did you know that, as of 2016, Australia’s total personal debt is one of the highest in the world? In fact, it’s currently sitting at around $2 trillion. That total is made up of things like student debt, mortgages, credit card debt and personal debt.

You know only too well how hard it is to get a personal loan from a bank, regardless of your credit score. Can you imagine how tough it is for people who are already in debt?

Luckily, Quick Online Loans doesn’t care about your past. We know that having bad credit doesn’t make you a bad person. We will do our best to pair you up with a loan provider who will overlook all that. They will then provide you with a personal loan that they know you can afford to pay back comfortably.

So, how does it work?

We specialise in quick cash loans online, so the entire process is handled via the internet. No need to put on a suit or a fancy outfit and head off to the bank. You can do it all while lounging around at home in your PJs.

You’ll begin the process by filling in a simple online form. We’ll need certain details from you including your full name, your mobile number and the exact amount that you would like to borrow.

We are able to offer you any amount between $300 and $5,000 with repayment periods of between 3 and 24 months. Remember, the higher the amount you would like to borrow, the longer you’ll have to pay it back.

Once you have provided us with this info, tap ‘Apply Now’. From there, you’ll be redirected to a page where you’ll need to tell us a little bit more about why you need the money. You will need to select a reason from a drop-down menu including options such as phone bill, fines, medical costs, home repairs and maintenance costs etc.

Once you’ve selected one of those options, we’ll need a quick written explanation. We don’t need to know all the nitty-gritty details per se, just a simplified version of your intention behind applying for quick cash loans.

So quick you won’t even notice the various phases

You’ll then move onto the next phase of the online application process. We’ll need more personal details from you including your date of birth, relationship status, and email address.

Once the entire process is complete (which can be completed in minutes) and you have submitted your online forms, we will begin to review your application. This won’t usually won’t take too long. Sit back and rest assured that we’ll be in touch with you shortly. Most applicants can expect to hear back from us in minutes If you can put you in touch with a lender, we’ll send you the name of the lender we have paired you with. An agent from that company will then contact you to go over some final details.

Once all your documentation is submitted and they have approved you, the lender will transfer the money into your bank account. Cash loans, quick funds. Australian citizens know they can count Quick Online Loans for fast results every time.

Do you qualify for Quick cash loans?

Right. So, there are a few rules that you need to know before you apply for a loan online via our loan-finding service.

  1. We don’t offer personal loans to anyone under the age of 18. Sorry, bud. If you’re keen on a new skateboard, you’re going to have to convince mum and dad to lend you the money.
  2. You will need to have an active email address and mobile phone number. Seeing as though you’re reading this in the first place, you’re not wholly averse to technology. So, we don’t think this criterion will pose much of a problem.
  3. You will need to be an Australian citizen or have permanent residency. And, finally, you will need to have been receiving a regular income into your bank account for at least 90 days.

Other than that, pretty much anything goes. Looking for quick loans for customers receiving Centrelink? You’re welcome to apply here! While not all our partnered lenders will accept Centrelink customers, we can pair you up with a lender who does.

Looking for quick cash loans for bad credit? Once again, you’re welcome to apply. Unfortunately, we cannot guarantee that your application will be approved. What we can guarantee is that we will do our best to ensure that you have a good chance that it will be!

Why choose Quick Online Loans for Quick Cash Loans?

We’ve already proven that we’re a lot more laid-back than your average financial institution. We hope that that, in itself, helps to take some stress and tension off of your shoulders.

One of the main reasons Aussies turn to us for quick cash loans is because we, and our partnered lenders, conduct ourselves ethically. Unlike loan sharks who are more than happy to take advantage of your situation, our lenders will only lend you money that they are sure you’ll be able to pay back comfortably.

Furthermore, we save you time. As mentioned, loan approval processes can often take ages. Who has time to waste when they’re in the midst of a financial crisis? We strive to help make the process a lot more stress and hassle-free. There’s a decent chance that you’ll receive the money that you have applied for on the same day that you apply for it.

Even if you choose to search for quick cash loans through alternative lenders yourself, you would need to spend hours doing research to find a lender who would be right for you.

When you make use of the Quick Online Loans loan-finding service, you don’t need to go to all that trouble. We do the grunt work on your behalf.

Our goal is to pair you up with lenders who we feel are best suited to your requirements. We often present our clients with a broad selection of loan options. From there, you’ll simply choose the loan and lender that you prefer and accept your contract.

Did you know?

You might think that you’re better off applying for loans online from a variety of sources. But did you know that doing so reflects on your credit record? Whether or not you accept any loan offers that you may receive, it may still impact and affect you for many years to come.

That’s why so many Australians prefer to use the Quick Online Loans loan-finding service. When you work with us, you’ll only be filling in one application form. Yet we can put you in touch with a multitude of different loans and lenders.

What Can I Use My Quick Cash Loans Money for?

Individual lenders may try to dictate specific rules in terms of how you spend the money that they transfer into your bank account. Here at Quick Online Loans, we know that money woes come in many different forms. Personal loans are flexible, however, we do ask for a reason for your loan to compile with responsible lending practices.

For example, you will be able to spend quick cash loans on anything from emergency repairs to your home or car, tuition expenses such as school fees, uniforms, textbooks etc., and even legal or medical costs.

Need some time off to ease your mental and physical stress. Can’t quite afford that trip you’ve been dreaming about? Don’t be shy! We grant quick cash loans to wannabe vacationers all the time.

You can pretty much use the money that our lenders send you for anything you please. All that we ask is that you be honest about it when you apply!

Does all this sound too good to be true? We know, right? It’s not often you’ll find a team of people who really do care about your needs! Don’t worry, though. We’re legit – promise!

What Fees Can You Expect?

If your application is approved by a lender, remember to read your loan contract thoroughly, as it will contain all relevant costs.

Oh, yes. Don’t forget that there are other fees involved should you miss any repayments on your loan. These fees will usually be clearly outlined in your loan contract.

Other Things We’d Like You to Know about Quick Cash Loans

We’ve looked at most of the essential details. There are just a few other things that we’d like you to know before you apply. We prefer to be upfront with all our clients so that they know exactly what the process entails.

We specialise in both small and medium personal loans. Small personal loans range from $300 – $2,000, with repayment terms of between 3 to 6 months.

Medium personal loans, on the other hand, range from $2,001 – $4,600. Repayment terms of between 13 months and 24 months. It is important to note that you will sometimes need to provide a car, motorbike, boat or caravan as security if you plan on applying for a medium personal loan. Small personal loans do not require security.

You may also apply for multiple loans through our portal. In other words, if you are currently still paying off a loan that you received from one of our lenders, you may apply for another one at any time.

Be open, be honest and be in touch

If ever you find yourself struggling to repay your loan for whatever reason, it is important that you notify your lender as soon as you can. Their customer service staff will be happy to discuss your situation. Helping you come up with a new repayment plan to suit your needs is what they do.

It is almost always possible to adjust the contract or make alternative plans in these cases. Don’t ever be afraid to make contact! Neglecting to say anything in these instances can only land you in more hot water financially.

Other than that, we think you’re good to go. Rest assured that we know our stuff when it comes to quick cash loans online. It might seem like magic, but really, we’re just that good. Apply now and see for yourself. Quick cash loans are just a few clicks away!