Going Eco Friendly Can Help You Save Money!

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Going green and eco friendly is probably something many of us have thought about at one time or another. With the constant reminders that climate change is one of the biggest issues that is facing humanity today, it’s hard not to consider the option, even in passing. And it’s easy to see why it’s becoming such an issue. With a booming population, increasing waste output and decreasing resources, we think it’s safe to say that the world is reaching a breaking point. In light of these dire facts, many of us are again seriously considering adopting eco friendly initiatives.

For those who haven’t quite embraced the green lifestyle, we definitely get that the idea of going green may sound like a bit of an ordeal. Many will put off adopting an eco friendly lifestyle as they just can’t justify many of the initial startup costs. Or, it may seem like too much effort when you’re already short on time. And we understand this, we really do.

But, what if we told you it doesn’t have to be as expensive and time-consuming as you might think? What if we told you that with just a little effort, you can actually save yourself money in the long run? Too good to be true? Maybe not! We’re going to show you not only how to do your bit in helping the environment, but how to do it in a way that can save you money! So, let’s be thrifty, go green AND be environmentally conscious.

For those who are considering being more eco friendly, going green is beginning to look more and more attractive.

How to get into the habit of going green – the easiest ways to start out!

Starting something new can often the hardest part of any journey. After all, where do you even start? What do you need? What actions do you take? It can all be a little overwhelming without a bit of handy guidance! So, behold, some quick tips for getting your thrifty, eco friendly journey going.

Start using less energy

OK, this one goes without saying. The less (non-renewable) energy we’re using, the more money we are going to save. Begin by doing simple things such as turning off light switches if you’re not in the room and turning off electronics at the powerpoints when not in use. You would be surprised how much power your appliances use on standby mode! That’s literally money that is seeping out of your wallet for no good reason.

Another great way to easily start reducing your power output and go green is in the laundry! Wash your clothing in cold water rather than hot. Your clothing will be just as clean and you’ll save a pretty penny. Also, consider line drying your clothing! Tumble dryers are notorious for chewing through power. Start hanging your washing up as often as you can and just watch your power bill decrease. Not to mention extending the life of your clothing – heat ruins the fabric of your clothing! Start using these gentler methods and not only will it save you money immediately, but your favourite pair of jeans will last a lot longer as well!

Install those LED light bulbs!

Yes, this one is going to be a small investment, but the rewards are huge! LED light bulbs can last up to 10-years. Not only is this going to save you a chunk of money on constantly replacing light bulbs, but they’re a lot better for the environment as well. They’re eco friendly and long-lasting. You don’t have to buy them all at once. Start picking up a light bulb every other week and your home will soon be filled with lighting that you can feel good about.

Change your showerhead

Have you considered a low-flow shower head? Not only are they fairly cheap to purchase, but they’re designed to use a heck of a lot less water than your traditional shower head currently does. Your water pressure won’t be compromised, but they release and waste a lot less water. Go green and your water bill will thank you.

These may not sound like drastic changes, but changing your small everyday habits can have a big impact on both your wallet and the environment. That’s a pretty big perk in our books. These suggestions are only a few of the multitude of money-saving, environment saving tips out there. Looking to take it a step further? Take a look here for more handy tips and tricks!

Some short-term tips when you’re going shopping

Now, we’re the first to admit that not everyone is going to have the spare cash to go and invest in a bunch of expensive “eco friendly jars” or other gadgets that influencers on Instagram are touting as the “next big thing” in the move towards environmental sustainability. So, realistically, what can you do to help save some money and be eco friendly friendly at the same time? Well, lots as it turns out! It’s more about being mindful than simply investing in expensive habits.

Buy pre-loved goods

This one is probably our favourite. Nearly everyone loves a good op shop day. And it doesn’t have to be just clothing! By buying furniture, nick-nacks, clothing, technology and even appliances second-hand, not only are you giving these items a second go at life, but you’ll be saving a pretty penny as well.

This will also help reduce the amount of unwanted objects that may just fade into obscurity. With the amount of belongings that end up in landfills, trash heaps and our oceans, buying second-hand really will be helping fight the good fight! Plus, you can find some pretty cool things if you know where to look. One man’s trash truly can be another man’s treasure!

Quit that bottled water addiction

This tip is close to our hearts. Plastic can take dozens, if not hundreds of years to break down. It ends up in the ground, the oceans, lining the streets or getting burned and releasing poisonous toxins into the air. So, we’re all about ditching the plastic addiction that seems to have gripped so many of us. Stop buying one-use plastic if you can help it. Instead, start taking an eco friendly refillable water bottle with you. Sure, bottled water isn’t hugely expensive, but filtered water from a tap is free.

Invest in a few glass tupperware containers over a few paydays. Start keeping jars from cooking to store your food in (pasta sauce jars work a charm!). Quit the single use sandwich bags and glad wrap.

And as always, if you must absolutely buy single use plastic, recycle, recycle, recycle! There are so many ways to not only do your part for our beautiful earth, but to do it cheap! Go green and help the environment.

Long-term eco friendly investments

Let’s get into some of the bigger green investments you may be considering. These may involve a bit more of an upfront investment, but they’re worth it in the long run!

Solar power

This one’s a biggie! Considering how much sunshine Australia gets year-round, solar power is a definite consideration if you’re looking to go green and eco friendly. It is a bit of an initial investment, but solar power is an incredibly efficient way of not only saving money, but also reducing harm to the environment. Depending on a few different factors (location, energy output, choice of system) your solar panels will pay for themselves sometimes within just a few years. After that, you’re basically receiving free energy!

Want to know if investing in solar power will be worth it in the long run (i.e. how much moolah you can save yourself)? Have a look hereto get a few ideas of the financial benefits of solar power!

Want to know what factors will affect how much your system will cost you initially and how long before it pays for itself? Take a look here for some more in-depth information! Green energy is the way to go.

Plant some leafy trees!

Do you own a home with a bit of a yard or some property? Plant some trees! Some big leafy trees will provide some much-needed shade throughout the scorching summer months, helping to cool down your home. Did we mention that planting trees on your property can also help raise the value of your home over time? Yeah, this is one of those ‘2 birds, 1 stone’ situations. A cooler home means less need for that expensive non eco friendly air conditioning to be running around the clock. That’s instant savings!

Another perk of planting some leafy greens around your place? They’ll help absorb the Co2 in the air! Cooler home, less money spent on air conditioning, and helping to purify the air?? If that isn’t a great motivator to get a shovel out, we don’t know what is.

Being eco friendly is as easy as pie!

It’s heartwarming to see that there are people out there who are embracing the movement towards a more sustainable future by decreasing their waste and giving the Earth a little helping hand. And, not only is this going to have positive effects environmentally (every little bit helps!) but it’s also proving to be a huge money saver for those choosing to go green!

For those who have seriously begun thinking about eco friendly environmental sustainability, the future is now! The sooner we all start doing our part, the sooner we can help heal the damage that has been done in the past. Let’s fight climate change and save some money while we do it!